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    Founded in 1981, Shenyang Hongfa Company Group is a medium-sized private company and has over 500 employees. The company has been dedicated to the economic model dominated by solid wood, office and software furniture and real estate development that integrates market survey, designing, manufacturing, sales and services into one. Its workshop covers a land area of 290,000 square meters, a covered area of 120,000 square meters and a gross investment scale of 0.56 billion Yuan. The Company has the world’s most advanced production line of wooden machinery device from Halma Company, Germany. Hongfa Furniture is a branded product in both Liaoning Province and Shenyang. Hongfa Company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification and China environmental symbol product certification. Its products feature good quality, precise workmanship, optimized services and reasonable price. The company has over 200 sales network in key cities throughout the country and its products are sold far to such countries as Canada, America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and are widely favored among customers. Hongfa Furniture Company has been forever sticking to the operational concept of ‘seeking for survival with morality, putting people in the centerpiece, putting art as its essence and putting quality for survival’. With first-rated work quality, it is to make first-grade products and make first-grade services to customers. It is a leading company in furniture industry in Shenyang.
    Founded in 1997, Hongfa Real Estate is a membership company affiliated to Hongfa Company Group. Its main lines of business cover multiple sectors including land development, housing sales, property services and so on. After around two decade of development, it has become the leading brand in real estate in local Shenyang.
    From Hongfa Mansion in the early stage, Hongfa Real Estate has been developing such large-scaled business and residential projects as oil painting market, sectional material market, Nanfeng Yayuan, Nanfeng Yaxuan and so forth. Ever since Hongfa International Famous Town and Hongfa Huacheng World, Hongfa Real Estate is expanding its brand. Hongfa Changdao with upgraded concept of island dwelling in Shenyang lies in the riverfront of Xiannv Lake; lying to the south of Huaxiang is Hognfa Yingli that helps young people attain residence in cities; Hongfa Yingshu Mansion helps continue compile the glorious accomplishment of the world’s projects; two British styled villas namely Hongfa Tianqin Bay and Hongfa Dawning Street demonstrate Hongfa Real Estate’s in-depth understanding on high-end residence concept in Shenyang and fully verifies that Hongfa Real Estate has the power to comprehensive develop different layers on high-end ones, improvement and rigid demands. In ‘Release Conference for Test Result of 2015 China Real Estate Top 500, also Summit for Top 500’, Hongfa Real Estate once gain knocked into the list of Top 500 Real Estate Companies in 2015 but also ranked the first place among local real estate companies in Shenyang that brushed its results once again. It is another fruit obtained after over 3 decades of extension in the Group.
    Dwelling product under the banner of Hongfa Real Estate has been forever sticking to humanistic care of buildings to life and put comfort as the primary factor for the space. From the wide space of villas to the small-household layout, it implements free and comfortable principle of ergonomics to all details in life. With consolidated architectural words, Hongfa Real Estate comprehensively center upon life veins and emotions for the purpose of digging into local real estate developers in Shenyang and attaining the dream and expectation of a cosy life led by urban residents in Shenyang.

    Hongfa Group is committed to building the classic brand of Chinese solid wood furniture

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