Four points that enterprises need to know when choosing office furniture

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The choice of office furniture is relatively important for enterprises. If employees are allowed to work in a poor office environment, it will not only affect the working mood of the employees for a day, but also affect the work efficiency of the employees to a large extent. The mentality of the employees will change greatly. Complaints popped out from the bottom of my heart: "I don't even want to sit." Therefore, the choice of office furniture is a very important part of the selection of office furniture. Now the editor of Sichuan Office Furniture Network will briefly introduce to you the precautions for purchasing office furniture.

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First, whether the furniture frame structure is firm: Office furniture, especially small pieces of furniture, such as stools, chairs, etc., can be dragged on the cement floor when purchasing, and put it gently. If the sound is clear, it means that the quality is relatively good OK; if the sound is hoarse or crackling or creaking, it means the mortise isn't tight enough and the screw isn't tight enough. If it is such a basic office furniture that is not well made, the quality is difficult to guarantee. It is recommended that you must choose a company with production capacity for cooperation.

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Second, whether the selection of furniture is qualified: for office furniture that is used in a continuous environment, the surface materials are also distinguished by useful materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs, and cabinets require hard wood with good load-bearing capacity, while the interior can be selected. other materials. Bathroom cabinets should be made of moisture-proof board instead of common fiberboard, because fiberboard will expand when exposed to water, which will affect the overall service life of the cabinet.
Third, the moisture content of wood should not exceed 12%: the moisture content of office furniture should not exceed 12%. If the moisture content is too high, it will cause the furniture to deform and warp. When consumers buy furniture, they usually leave empty-handed, so how is this moisture content controlled? It can be detected by touching it by hand. Touch the bottom surface of the furniture or the place that is not painted inside. If it feels damp, the moisture content of the furniture is very high. Such furniture must not be selected. The second method is to sprinkle some water on the furniture where the paint is not sprayed. If the bleed is slow or not at all, it means that the moisture content of the furniture is relatively high, and such furniture cannot be selected.

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Fourth, the paint surface should be smooth: If you find that the paint on the surface of the furniture is uneven when you buy it, you must not choose it. Paint spraying is a relatively mature technology, but if a furniture company cannot do such a basic job well, then One can imagine what other aspects of workmanship are like. At the same time, the editor recommends that you also check the effect of painting on the corners when choosing office furniture. Usually, it is prone to slag and paint falling off. Be sure to check carefully when choosing.